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  The Art of the Piano

My Approach

My goal is to help each student towards a true unfoldment of his or her own musical potential. I use a process that is challenging, fun, and rewarding. 


Each weekly lesson provides a step-by-step process with specific goals and objectives. Using music flashcards, music theory and technical exercises students gain a solid understanding of music. 


Once these fundamentals have been established, students are able to choose from a vast collection of musical pieces and styles. This freedom of choice really makes music come alive.


It's amazing how much can be learned from music: Self-discipline and confidence, the power of concentration, patience, perseverance, and the joy of success.
















• Learn Pop, Jazz, Classical and Rock

• 18+ years teaching experience

• All ages and levels welcome


• Se habla Español

 Learn music theory, note reading,
   scales, chords and more


• Create original music compositions
   and arrangements using professional
   music production software including
   Logic Pro X

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